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Greta Corens

Greta Corens Art

Fine Art Portraits and Watercolor Flowers


I hope that my style of work speaks to you and that you incorporate it into YOUR lifestyle and environment. I look forward to your purchase. Best investments are in Art.
I was a successful fashion designer in New York City for many years, though I always kept up painting and drawing, keeping the artist in check. Design is functional, art is expression of a universal sensibility. Taking art seriously, I held masterclasses at the Reilly League of Artists in White Plains NY, became its president, and painted portraits and florals. Awards and prizes in international contests and exhibits pour in.
As an artist, I want to know who is the art buyer who feels enough for my art to own a piece of it.
As a designer, I want to see your selection of work, size, color, or type of print for your environment, whether residential or commercial, and hope to receive feedback in my email with a photo of how you integrate this work in your lifestyle. You can select from one of 230 frames and 100 mats to create museum-quality masterpieces from any of my prints.

THANK YOU for your wonderful visit, your purchase and your comment.
Greta Corens

All artwork in this gallery is the original artwork of Greta Corens. All Rights Reserved in Copyright.


Contemporary Portraits in Mixed Media

Portraits of Children

Iris Delight in Watercolors

Charm of Roses in Watercolors

Watercolors of Spring Flowers

Painted Landscapes

Story Telling Portraits

Portrait Drawings

Watercolor Portraits

Portrait in Oil on Canvas

Portraits in Charcoal and Pastel Portraits

Portraits of Personalities

Contemporary Portraits

Still Life

Architectural Photographs

Drawings of Nudes

Classic Life Drawing

Drawings of Olympic Sports

Contemporary Life Drawings of Nudes. Please contact me to view the collection.